Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good-bye 2009, Hello 2010

I am not the type of person who makes resolutions, or says "I know this year is gonna be my year" I try to make changes in my life when changes need to happen, and I know that I am not in control of how my year is or is not going to be. By that I mean I don't believe in "chance" or "luck". I say that not to offend anyone, merely to explain the way I am. That being said, I found it so very interesting how I spent the last few hours of 2009.

I had already taken the day off months ago and Sarah was super excited, this would be the first New Years I had off in 7 or 8 years. Due to our circumstances, we had talked and agreed that I should go back to work after only a week of vacation instead of the two weeks. That meant that I would have to go back to work on New Years Eve, we were both bummed out. Sarah begged me to take one more day, but all I could think of were our bills. Just before I was going to go in to work I received a call from my partner (work) and he told me that he had the day off and would not be at work. He also told me that everyone who worked was going to be on a not so fun assignment. After I hung up, I started to waiver on my decision, then I decided on one more family day/night. Sarah was excited, so was I, the kids had no clue and were trying to hit each other with their trains.

We rented some movies (Red box, whoohoo) ate Chinese, and began to figure out our day when X started this odd twitching. We watched him as his twitches became more frequent and stronger. It was mainly his upper body, and his eyes. It became bad enough that we called Mayo and spoke to one of our first Dr.'s up there. Dr. Patterson. He thought they may be constant seizures and that we should go in to the ER as soon as possible. Seizures that do not stop are really bad in case you don't know. They say if you have one that last over 20 minutes you should rush to the ER for a shot of Diazepam (A type of Valium)otherwise there could be possible brain damage because the body/brain is not and cannot recuperate. Well we had to go since it had not stopped and it had been 30 mins. The good thing was he was awake and alert, so no brain damage; the bad thing was were going to the dang ER again,

We chose not to go the Childrens, too many bad experiences there, and we were still upset about the last time. If you work there, sorry, I know it's a great hospital, but on the chance that they might mess something up again, we decided it was in the best interest of all parties involved that I do not go there again so soon. Plus UNMC (University of NE Med. Center) was literally 15 blocks away, and I know most of the ER Dr.'s and nurses there.

When we arrived I was greeted by a co-worker, we were able to skip all of the questions and be seen within 5 minutes because the admissions people know me, and brought me right in. We still had to do the question and insurance thingy, but I was able to do that after we got to our room. The nurses were great, and the 3rd yr. resident was too, although I told her I was not amused at Childrens by there mistakes, and was not afraid to voice my opinion on matters of my sons health. She then stated "I am more than willing to help you in any way that I can, but I will also be asking another Dr. to come in and check him as well". I expressed my gratitude and we were seen by a very experienced ER Dr. She was incredible, she stroked X's head as she talked to him, and sat in the room talking to him and watching his twitches for 20 mins. I had X's Mayo # and she called up there to talk to the neurologist about his situation, this is way more than Childrens had done in our many visits there.

While we waited for the Dr.'s to talk about what was going on X and I hung out. We watched some cartoons, talked about how he had a crush on Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney channel) and then we watched AFV, and laughed at all the silly videos. We then watched when animals attacked and he had so many questions. I wanted to change it, but he loves animal shows (like his daddy) and refused to let me change it. The only reason I didn't change it was because his questions and reasoning were right on. If someone was bit becase they were feeding an animal they were not suppose to he would say "We don't feed lions daddy, they might think your dinner and bite you". If the host would explain the reason why someone would get hurt or bit by baboons, he would repeat it all to me, ask questions, go through his own scenario and then explain to me why I shouldn't mess with baboons.

Once that show was almost over, we watched the ball drop in NYC. He loved it, soaked it up, laughed, then yelled "Happy New Year" and gave me a fat kiss on the cheek. He wanted to kiss like they were on TV, I had to tell him that's the way Mommy's and Daddy's kiss. He then wanted to know if everyone kissing on TV were married. I laughed and tickled him, thinking why did I just set myself up for that one, I managed to avoid it.

I sat and reflected on the entire year as we waited that last half hour. A year ago I would have never imagined being at the hospital as much as I had been this last year. It really sucked at first and we were so impatient. Now 3 1/2 hours passed, and I waited, i just waited. I asked questions when I could or should, but I mostly waited. I know one thing I have grown in is my patience, Sarah would laugh, but I think if you ask her she would say it too. 2009 was a different year, I think I cried more in 2009 than I had 2002-2008 combined. I look forward to this year, to my son being healed by God, whether he uses divine healing or medicine, it's still all God. After all God was the one who made man smart enough to successfully figure out medicine. I look forward to learning new things about my wife, doing this marriage thing right with her so our boys can see it's possible. I look forward to watching my TWINkies grow and learn. I also look forward to see what God is doing and will do with me.

The Dr.'s ended up deciding that we would get a perscription and be on our way, no overnight stays or emergency shots. We ended up going home and I made it in time to kiss my wife. As we counted 2009 away, X had a 20 sec. seizure that finished with 10 more seconds left in 2009. I thought to myself, how appropriate, I hope that means this is the beginning of the end. We kissed and 2010 began.

I promise I will get the history section done, it's been crazy here. I will get it done, I just wanted to get a new post out that kept you up to date. By the way X went on his first unofficial Date two days ago. A girl asked him to go the "Rudolf the red-nosed Reindeer" at the Rose, and he went. He went with her, her mom, grandma and brother. It was awesome, he was excited and embarrassed, he still won't talk to us about it, he has a little, but not much. I had to tell Sarah to quit teasing him and to quit calling it a date.

Part III should be done in a day or so, stay tuned............


  1. Praying for a multitude of blessings for the Torres family in 2010, including complete healing for Xander.

  2. I think we've all learned something here...most importantly, don't mess with baboons.