Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What else can go wrong?

OK, this is getting ridiculous. Here's a list of stuff that has gone wrong and when it has done so.

The Day before we leave to the Mayo Clinic

1) Sarah pulls out of the driveway and due to the cold the side mirror on my truck breaks. I cut the bush back, with a saw, that caused this (it was weighted down with snow and ice)
2) Zane jumps off the bed and into the glass french doors. He is rushed to the ER and receives 9 stitches above his left eye.
3) On the way up to the Mayo Clinic I feel something wrong with my brakes, mind you we are driving through an ice storm.
4) This one happened while we were in Minnesota. I go to open the back door of my truck and the handle brakes off.

Since we have been home

1) Two days after we get back from the Mayo we have to take X to the ER for stomach pains, they send us home saying it's constipation
2) The very next day he's pale and doubling over in pain, so we take him to our pediatrician. She says take him to the ER. We go back to the ER, he's given an enema (Molasses and Milk) and we are told the seizures are messing with his stomach as well as the new medicine. I want to punch the first ER Dr. for blowing him and Sarah off the first time, he was not there.
3) I find out that the thing wrong with my brakes was my caliper. It got stuck or is blown and totally ruined my rotors. I was told I need new rotors, caliper's, and brakes, a nice chunk of change to get that fixed, we are waiting.
4) I slowly drive up the driveway and the bush full of snow and ice that messed the mirror up the first time completely rips it off. This time instead of cutting it back, I am mad and I tear off the branches with my hands. I will be uprooting these bushes in the spring, with a shovel.
5) My TV connections are all messed up. Good thing on this is it is still under warranty.
6) The dryer that someone is letting us borrow until we can afford to buy a new one, it quit working. Not totally, just the heating component, everything else works on it, and that is more of a guess since no one has looked at it yet.
7) Sarah scrapes the van with the bumper of the truck, it was a small scrape which she felt terrible about.

Now if God is trying to teach me a lesson somehow, I wish I knew what it was so I could just learn my lesson and crap would quit happening. This whole time we have been praising God in the midst of our storm, but all these little things are messing with me. Not to mention the amount of work I've had to take off has really affected the paychecks. So needless to say the stress level here is through the roof.

Why is all of this happening? I keep trying to think of Job, not to compare my life to his, his was way worse. I just am trying to figure out how he dealt with all the crap, and still not curse God. I can hear everyone reading this "Why would you ever think that?" I'll tell you why CAUSE THIS SUCKS, AND THERE IS NO REASON TO IT and there is a huge part of me that feels like I should be protected from all this small stuff right now. I am always going to be honest on these post so here it goes. We are dealing with our son being diagnosed with Focal Cortical Dysplasia, and he has to go in for brain surgery soon. I would think that I would be sheilded from all this stupid stuff until a later date. Am I blaming God? NO. Does a part of me want to? Yes. Am I ashamed of that? Yes, but I can't shake it right now. Sarah and I are doing better than we ever have been before, but the stress is enough for us to still falter and snip at each other at times. All of this makes it so much harder to stay strong with everything. I know I need to keep on keeping on, but I honestly feel like freaking out.

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  1. UPDATE: The dryer was fixed, it was not the heater coil, it was a fuse. If you ever need appliance help here's a great company who is even willing to help out over the phone