Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The craziness continues, but in a good way

I apologize for not posting in a while, the days have been hectic to say the least. Before I begin explaining the craziness let me describe what happened the night we got home.

After receiving orders to leave we had to head to the RMH in order to finish packing up our stuff and make good on our bill. It was after we packed up my truck, with the bed completely filled, that we realized that in our excitement we had forgotten to pick up our prescriptions. So we headed back to the hospital and filled them, then our drive back began.

The drive back had become almost routine for me, but being so tired I asked Sarah to drive from Des Moines on. As we approached Omaha, X began telling us he was SO EXCITED to see his brothers and Uncle Andy. When we pulled up to the house he yelled in a very enthusiastic tone, OUR HOUSE! I think all three of us were thinking it, he was the only one to express it with perfection.

Once we parked, X jumped out and ran to his brothers, who were outside with Grandma and Grandpa (Torres), and gave them each a huge hug and smothering kiss. What followed next was nothing short of pure sweetness; hugs, kisses, tears and an overwhelming sense that this was the beginning of the end. Our friend Mindi was there as well, and as the minutes passed several of our neighbors came outside to greet us. After heading inside and beginning to unpack our friends the Tedesco’s came over as well with their kids Aiden and Brody. Xander has been friends with Aiden for almost 3 years, which is a long time when you are 5 years old.

Once all the visitors left, we looked at all the bags of items that we had brought home and realized that we came back with more than double of what we had left with. It was a bit overwhelming, but the fact we were all finally home, and together overshadowed all of it. We allowed the boys to stay up late and just soaked it all in.

Now on to the continued craziness that has thus defined our lives. The day we got back from the Mayo Clinic we found out that the Twins had colds. Those colds turned into bronchitis, and now X has started coughing as well. On top of that we used some of our tax money to buy new beds for the boys, as toddler beds no longer suited them and X needed a new bed instead of a very old hand me down.

Our choice of beds, Bunk beds, we bought the twins some full size bunk beds so they could grow into them and we wouldn’t;t have to buy a new bed anytime soon. X was jealous and opted for a raised bed with a desk underneath, plans changed after we measured it out and realized we did not have enough room. Lucky for us he is easy to please and after we showed him a futon bunkbed he changed his mind and chose that one. That was a blessing since we were able to save about $200. Now you may be wondering why we chose to do all of that considering we already had enough on our plate. Good question, I ask myself the very thing; however, remember I told you we had come back with way more than we left with, and that began our investigating into how we could make room.

The thing is for the last 18 months we have been sleeping downstairs, with X or on the couch/lovesac. We have not used our huge upstairs bedroom for so long, and decided that it would be put to better use if the boys were able to claim it as their own. It has a bathroom, that we began to gut and planned to rebuild, those plans were halted after X began having seizures. So we have since moved the boys upstairs, moved our stuff into the twins old room, and X’s old room will now be our office space for Sarah’s Pampered Chef and the boys quiet room (With books and crafts ready for them to use).

We are still reorganizing, Sarah more than I, but it is slowly coming all together. So there you have it, the reason I have not posted in a while, sick kids, rearranging the entire house and I am back to work.

I cannot express to you how incredible it feels to be back home, all of us together, and life slowly beginning to go back to normal. Only time will tell how well the surgeries went, but I thank God for everyday he doesn’t have a seizure. I thank him that there were not worse complications and that we still have our X. This whole ordeal has completely changed my perspective on life, how fragile it really is, and what is really important. There would be time in the past where the boys would want to cuddle, and for whatever reason (being tired, grumpy, or busy) I would turn them away. As it stands now, I drop whatever I am doing and take those few minutes to love on them. I pray that never changes and that the realness of this incident would not wear away. I pray that Xander’s scar would be a reminder to me of what things are really important in life. I have heard from many people in the past, as I am sure all of you have as well, that life is fragile, never has the depth of that statement rang so true for me.

I wrote this about a week ago, and just have not had time to post it. The twins are much better now, they are no longer contagious, although they are still coughing and have snotty noses. X got the cold, but is almost over it; he is still coughing, but doing well. Sarah and I have been sick for a few days, but are pressing onward. Honestly, being sick after all of this has made me laugh, two months ago I would have complained about it and been a baby about it; like I said my perspective has changed.

I give you my word that this is not the end of this site. There are people asking me if we are finished with the updates, no we are not. Things are not quite back to normal, but once that returns, the frequency of these post will return as well. We still have a long road ahead of us, but if that road looks anything like these last few days, then it has a lot less pot holes than the road we were just on.