Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Living in Mayberry

When someone asks me "Where do you live?" I reply Dundee. That is often followed by "Oh my gosh, how do you like living there?" I then explain that living there is a lot like living in Mayberry. Now some of you may have never watched the re-runs, or know what I am talking about but there once was a show called "The Andy Griffith Show" (There may even be some of you who watched it when it first came out). For those of you who have never seen this show, I will explain it to you. The show had Andy Griffith as Sheriff Andy, Don Knots as his side-kick deputy Barnie Fife, Aunt Bee, and his son Opie (Played by Ron Howard). The show was mostly based on The Sheriff solving the cities problems, or the city rallying behind a good cause and showing teamwork can prevail over anything.

That being said, it is Official, I LIVE IN MAYBERRY. Here's the scoop; our block throws parties all the time, sometimes for good reasons, other times because it's been snowing too long so lets party. So it was no big deal that there were two parties scheduled for January. The second party was scheduled for Sunday the 25th., and I was just getting over my Flu. Sarah left us all sleeping and went to help our neighbor/friend Andrea prepare for the party. I fall asleep as she is walking out the door only to wake up to her almost in tears explaining to me what is really happening. Here's how our conversation went S: Oh my gosh Dan, do you know what's going on? D:No S:They are not really having an open house party, they are having a fundraiser for us. They are having a block fundraiser for us! D: Really? That's awesome (Still trying to wake up) Should I get up and go? S: Ahh No, but isn't that incredible, I can't believe it, that is totally what we need right now. D: Yeah, that is, I should go. S: No, your ok, go back to bed.

At that point I get X up, because he is not sleeping anyway, dress him and send him over. I sleep for about an hour more, sweat my flu out, and Sarah comes over again this time with a box of checks. I get up feeling 100 times better and get ready as I walk out my door and over to the party. I say my thanks, and am completely overwhelmed by the support.

Here's what I have to say about my neighborhood. They didn't have to do this, and yet they did. Andrea thought of the idea, gathered all the neighbors and the ball started rolling. Due to their love and support another street became involved as well. The block turned to two blocks which then began including families, and extended friends. All of this for our Xander, and by our I mean Dundee's Xander. It brings an entire new meaning to the African Proverb "It takes a Village to raise a child". I have never really seen that in a literal translation, but on Jan. 25th 2010 I was blessed enough to do so. It wasn't so much the money donated that was heart wrenching but it was the genuine, unadulterated love that was in the air. I looked around the room as I gave my thanks and started to get choked up, I could see people were really concerned. Eyes don't lie, these people, our neighbors and friends all showed they were concerned not only with their actions but also with their eyes.

Guys, they had a raffle, silent auction, food, drinks, beer, everything. They had good things up for auction too, like a Wii, and a year membership to a gym. The thing that gets me is how everyone came together, they acted more like Christ, then most Christians do. And I say that not with ill will or bitterness towards the church, but to wake the church up. These men and women are loving people the way every Christian in the world should be. I will step off my box, and continue with the fundraiser.

I think I will forever be a slave to my snow blower, and any other back breaking labor I can offer to all of those at that fundraiser. I can usually talk up a storm, but all I could say was thanks. I hope I didn't have any residual flu illness on me and infected anyone, but I had to see for myself who was there. I hope no one took my silence as rudeness, but I was honestly in a state of shock. When I walked in and saw everyone there, I knew I couldn't talk, if I would have I would have started crying. Besides that I have a reputation to uphold in this neighborhood, and crying would have only made me look weaker and Fred that much tougher. (Just kidding Fred, your tough).

To sum this all up, if your looking for an incredible historic neighborhood, with neighbors that actually care, move here. It may say Dundee on the for sale sign, but when you move in, it feels like Mayberry.

PS if anyone has any pictures from that party e-mail me them, and I will post them on this.


  1. What a blessing to have such wonderful neighbors!

  2. P.S. John laughed out loud when I read him your description about the Andy Griffith reruns, and said that some of us might have even watched the original airings of the show. Yes, we are ancient; we did indeed watch those shows every week, and we could both whistle (or hum) the theme song, and probably name most of the characters - Gomer, Goober, Otis, Miss Crump, Floyd the barber....

  3. love it!!! that just has "Jesus" written all over it!!!!