Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Xander's Cognitive test results

This is Xander doing his best thinking man impersonation

Yesterday Xander had his cognitive test completed. Good news and bad news. The test were basically broken down into three categories and are testing his cognitive ability (here's a link if you want to know more http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_test ). He emphasized to us that X was too young for an IQ test, and the earliest you can do an IQ test is at 6 1/2. This is a breakdown of the tests; 1)Verbal - Above average 2)Nonverbal - Average 3)SPATIAL - Below Average. The Dr. said that the kicker was when X was firing on all cylinders he was at a 91% percentile with Spatial, it was the fact that he was having "glitches" in his thinking that brought him below average. The test are timed, and if you take too long you score low. The Dr. said that the fact Xander was still average on one and above average on the other was a very good sign, considering all the seizures he has. He also said that he cannot say for sure that X scored below average due to his seizures messing with his thinking, or if it was the medication.

Something that made us feel good was when the Dr. said "The fact that we were able to perform all the test that we did on Xander was remarkable" He went on to tell us X finished more test than almost all 5 year olds, and some 10 year olds. He said that when X is on cruise control he can fly through the test, it was just these glitches that are hindering him. He also said that X's memory was spot on, and that was impressive due to the amount of seizures he has. Simply put, your brain is a very complex organ with complex wiring and electrical exchanges, the seizures are like huge electrical storms, you mix the two and there are going to be some real issues. X has been blessed to stay above the average on many things, we are just praying that he stays that way. He's always been sharp, and like every good parent we want him to stay that way.

Now while X was taking his test earlier in the day we met with the DR. and had to answer a lot of questions, some personal, other "normal". We thought nothing of this until our second appointment with him. He said something that again proves that God works all things for the good of those who love him, and that has prepared us for this. He said "I just want to let you know that it is proven that the better a home life a child has, the better and quicker the recovery. It's even better when both parents live together, and have a good relationship, Xander has that advantage, and he should do fine.". I was a bit shocked that a medical doctor would even put that out there, but it made me feel loved.

The fact that we listened to God, years ago, and have been working diligently to have a healthy marriage, proves to me, and hopefully others out there, that Gods ways and thoughts are perfect. He knew it back then, he knew it was essential for X's health and well being that Sarah and I walk the difficult path of repairing our marriage. He knew that little X needed us to be healthy, our marriage would not be whole or even alive if it were not for us listening to God. The crazy part is, we thought it was for us, and our family, 3 years ago we had no idea it would or could affect X so much.

We are about to meet with his Neurologist as I type, I will post again about todays appointments.

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