Saturday, January 16, 2010

A different perspective

Well, yesterday I had intended to write some more historical stuff, but was forced to change my plans due to unplanned events that took place. Mainly another trip to the ER, this time, I was able to take it all in stride, not missing a beat. Here's how it went.

Sarah took Zane to an appointment early morning and X was at preschool, leaving me and Israel free reign of the house. As soon as the coast was clear, the wrestling began. Iz wasn't very crazy at first and eventually left me to go play in his room, I then decided to try to get a nap in. I woke up to a flurry of fist pounding my back, and the words "getchu, getchu, getchu", it was on after that. I got up and proceeded to play the role of the "bad guy" and the "play by play announcer". It was a long match that at one point had me on the bottom with Iz in my arms above me. I let him fall to my chest, and started tickling him, he then pulled an ultra-ninja move and rolled off me. That is when the screaming began, then "Daddy, huuts weally baad". He was holding his left arm and in obvious pain, I thought "What the heck just happened". I thought that he may have sprained his wrist, or just tweaked it, but he was not getting any better, and I could do nothing to console him.

I called Sarah and let her know what was going on, and that she was going to have to pick up X from preschool, she sighed, as if saying here we go again, and said OK. We got in the truck and headed to the ER. I was upset, but only because I didn't like seeing him in pain. This was different than even a week ago, where I would have been more inclined to say "One more thing to add to the list of things gone wrong".

On the way there I noticed my check engine light turned off (And has stayed off since) just like the mechanic said it should if it was just the cold. I called Sarah again and told her "I wish you were taking him, they are gonna think I did this to him". She played that thought down, and said she was going to be late picking X up. I said that because I am always getting dirty looks for the way I look, even having security follow me in stores and once question me. I get that, and know it comes with the territory, but hospitals are a whole different thing, especially with hurt kids. They could easily call the child victim unit and next thing you know I have co-workers in my room.

Everything went well in the ER and Iz was in enough pain that the nurses wanted to give him more pain reliever. Then a guy came in and started asking a bunch of questions. Everything was normal until I heard "Is there a history of violence, or domestic violence in the home", I said "Huh.....uh NO." Then there was "Has there been a tendency toward violence in the home" I replied "(humph), NO" He gave me a cross eyed look and then left. Now I have been in the ER numerous times in the last two months, and I have never been asked those questions. I am not gonna lie, I initially thought "That a-hole really thinks I hurt my boy", I then regain my composure and thought "He's just doing his job, if it wasn't for them child abuse cases may go unnoticed" Then I thought my first thought again, and then tried remembering not to take it personal. I called a friend who is in the Child Victim, Sexual Assault unit and told him about the questions. He laughed and said "You look like a piece of s*#&, what do you expect, I'd call on you too if I didn't know you. Just let them know your a cop, and if they call they call, but they probably won't unless they are really concerned" He laughed some more making fun of me, and telling me he had just received a call to go in and interview a "Long haired child abuser". I laughed called him a jerk, and said thanks.

I let the nurse and question guy know who I was, and that I was a Police Officer. They both maintained their professionalism, stated that they were not judging me (Lying through their teeth) and explained that they always ask those questions. I told them I had never heard those questions in the 4 times I had been to the ER in last 2 months (Realizing that last statement was not in my favor as I said it) and explained I wanted them to do their jobs, just not judge me for how I looked. They said that they would never do anything like that, although they treated me better after that (Or at least I thought they did).

When the Doc came in Iz was in no more pain and playing with the railings. She examined him and said he probably dislocated his elbow, and it popped back into place while he was here. She said it was very common for parents to go the the ER and then while waiting their child goes back to normal and the parents are left dumbfounded. The nurses were even laughing at this since they too thought he had a broken arm. We said our good-byes, and Iz was given a car for being a brave boy.

I looked at him and couldn't help wondering if he planned this while thing. Fake an injury, spend more time with Daddy, go the the hospital, get a toy (Both X and Zane had received toys after going to the ER and Iz was left toyless), and then go home better off then when he came in. I think he may have pulled the ultimate scam, and I fell for it.

I do think it is a testament to God's peace he places on us, that I didn't feel overwhelmed or stresses. Once again I attribute that to all our friends and family praying for us. There is no way we could do this without God, and the support from all our loved ones.

We leave for the Mayo tomorrow to try to get a room at the Ronald McDonald house, then two days of tests, questions and explanations. I'll keep everyone updated, Monday at the latest; hopefully I have enough free time at night to catch up on the history of all of this.


  1. Hey, we went through the same thing when our second dislocated her elbow. The nurse was really nice though and said they get about 3 kids a day through there with dislocated elbows. She said that at that age it happens easily.

  2. So glad Iz got some quality time with Daddy! And thankful he didn't break his arm, and that he was able to fix his elbow himself. Elbow dislocation is so common. It happened to my daughter when she was not quite two. A friend of ours had been holding her hands and swinging her around, when she started crying and quit using her arm. I thought her shoulder was dislocated. We had a house full of dinner guests. I went into my room and called the pediatrician on call at the ER (I worked at the hospital), and she walked me through the process of putting Megan's elbow back into place.

    Imagining you getting asked those questions in the ER cracked me up! Too bad you didn't give them a link to this blog so they would know what a loving, tender-hearted dad you really are. Being a nurse, I'm ashamed of how quickly we judge people based solely on appearances.

    Thanks so much for continuing to keep us updated. Know that our prayers will follow you to Mayo. I'm sure it will make it a little more complicated to have the twins with you this time, but glad you can be there together as a family.