Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To all my Prayer Warriors out there

So after talking to the surgeon we need a few things to fall into place in order for these to be successful surgeries. I will list them in order.

1) They are going to place the Grid on his entire left side of his brain, during this they will be trying to locate exactly where the seizures are originating. The problem lies in the fact that sometimes kids stop having seizures for a period of time due to the brain being exposed. They have no answers as to why, but they said they have waited as long as a few weeks, before seizures began. That being said we WANT him to have seizures during this time so they can locate them.

2) One they locate the area it needs to show one localized area instead of numerous, one is better than a ton. One they can operate, a ton usually means they can't, so X will have a huge scar for no reason.

3) After the seizure is located they are going to test that area to make sure it will not have any permanent damage (ex. inability to use arm, leg, eye, speech). So that is another thing to pray for. No one wants X to lose one thing only to gain another.

4) After that we are left with the final surgery, and we just ask that you would pray that the Lord would guide the surgeons (Dr. Wetjen) hands, and for a fast/amazing recovery.

The stats are 86% are affected in some way by the surgery. 14% are not affected one bit. Out of that 86%, about 65% never suffer from another seizure, and the other 35% have fewer seizures. There is a less than 5% risk in this first surgery, and the main concerns afterward will be bleeding, and clots. The blood clots can cause subdermal hematomas, and strokes. Very serious things, but we are confident that God has already paved the way.

I know some are still asking about the weakness in his right hand. They are not sure if it will ever recover, I am depending on my faith that it will. If you want more on that let me know, I can write another note/post.


  1. Do you have a date for the placement of the grid? Any sort of time line for the other surgery? We are continuing to pray for all of you.