Saturday, January 16, 2010

No Sleep, 3 boys, a Van, and 6 hrs........NOT a good combination

I got about 3 hours of sleep, Sarah got less, the boys ended up with about 9. The ride to the Mayo Clinic started at 5, plans changed to 5:30. The Fog was thick enough you could only see about 20-30 feet in front of you for about 2 hours, no Joke or exaggeration. When the boys finally woke up around 8, they were not happy, they like to cuddle Mommy or Daddy when they wake up.

Everyone had a short fuse, even with everyone trying really hard not to. We did well for the most part, only a few quick snips at each other. But as everyone knows, during times of stress those few times are too many. They never went long, I think because we all knew everyone was at their breaking point, but I cannot wait for tomorrow.

We all do better with sleep, and tomorrow we need to be on our A-game to talk to the doctors. Our first appointment is at 7:45am. Before that happens we need to get ready to go, eat breakfast, and drop the boys off at the Eckersons (Who have offered their child-care services to us).

That being said, 6am is right around the corner, I'll fill you in tomorrow. By the way The Ronald McDonald house is AMAZING. More on that too.

By the way this may have yesterdays date on it, that's because I started typing another one, and ended up erasing it and typing this one. I know someone is going to look at that and think I can predict the future. I am not able to predict the future....yet.

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