Monday, January 4, 2010

It ain't all Bad

Looking through these post made me realize how stressed and heavy our lives have been this last year (2009), so I wanted to share some good news. I think that in the last year we have been so blessed by so many people that I am going to forget someone or something. If that happens please forgive me, if you are really bothered about it write me, but you should kind of just get over it.

I am not going to name names, or who has done what, you know who you are, and more than likely we have thanked you, if not "Thank-you". When I was younger I can recall a sermon in which a pastor said that doing things for people and never being found out will reap far greater rewards than doing things for people and looking for a reward. He went on to explain that mans praise is never as rewarding as Gods blessing. I know it is all in your heart, but I do not want to praise anyone specific in this post because I truly feel like God has a huge blessing for those who have blessed us. That being said here is a short list of how God has blessed us in just the last month.

Before leaving on our trip we had about 5 people give us money. While we were at Mayo, an organization donated money as well. I have had someone offer to help me fix my vehicle, as well as pay for the repair. I called an appliance place because we thought that the dryers heating coil was broken, a very nice man answered the phone and walked me through all the steps on checking that, as well as what else could be wrong that i could do myself. The problem was a fuse, and I was able to fix that within 20 minutes. Our broken vacuum was only a broken belt which was replaced.

I have been offered some part-time jobs to make some extra money, since there has been no OT available. I have graciously accepted and although I have to work a little more, it is at night when all the kids are sleeping and it is very good money. There are some people who know our situation, and have allowed me to work in their place.

Someone offered me a Wii, we already have one so I had to decline, but how awesome is that. We have had numerous people watch our kids on short notice, and not ask for a dime. Some even taking time off work to help us out. Someone helped me unfreeze my gutters in 20 degree weather. *Not a month ago, but a little more that 2 months ago someone has let us borrow their spare, and really nice, washer and dryer. Our took a dump on us, and we couldn't afford to buy new ones.*

Zane did not lose an eye when he fell of the bed and into the glass french doors, only 9 stitches above his eyebrow. We finally had an answer to Xanders seizures. Our trip before this last one a family allowed us to stay in their house, they fed us the entire time as well. Countless calls when we have needed them, and even more people praying for our Xander, people we have never met. People that have only heard of Xander through our friends and family.

Xanders preschool has added another teacher making it easier for him to keep on going instead of stopping all together. How awesome is that, he still gets to go to preschool and play with all his friends, and we have the assurance that there will always be someone by him in case he has a seizure while at school.

A family decided to "adopt" us for Christmas, so we received numerous gift cards to everything from grocery stores to toy stores.

I could go on and on, I've already edited this post three times to add new blessings I had forgotten. I know that the post "What else can go wrong" was a downer, but that was how i was feeling that day, I usually can remember all the good things and get over it, but I couldn't that day. I feel bad about it, but I am keeping it there, it is not being erased. It is a good reminder to me that life still happens no matter your circumstance. Just like this will be a good reminder that "My God shall supply all my needs". Plus you can see that we are real people, that we don't have our heads stuck up in the clouds. There are many times when this whole thing really bums us out, but we press on. I know that if you don't know us, or barely know us all this talk of God may be weird, but it is real to us. I am not trying to shove God down anyones throat; it's just that he is very real to us, and I will always give credit where credit is due.

I wrote on Facebook a while ago that I have no idea how people do this without God. I still hold onto that, call it a crutch if you want, I'll tell you that I want to be weak. Because when I am weak he is made strong, a concept I am learning more and more everyday. All of these blessing are great, and much needed, but how funny that some are so hard to accept. When that pride comes, I try to remember "Be weak".

One last thing, to all who have blessed us, we are praying that God would bless you. We have been so humbled by everyones love and support. There are times in my day in which I think "I am not deserving of this, thank-you God, and please bless them all". I know I am rambling, it's 2:43am and I worked 13 hours yesterday, 6 hours of sleep then 11hrs of work today, but I am amazed at his love for us.

That's all for now, but you'll see many more blessings in future post.

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