Monday, January 18, 2010

The guy with the red afro

Seriously I never knew that staying at a clowns house would be so awesome. We totally love it. Everything about the place is great, and everyone here, staff and residents are all so nice. We were told that some families have stayed here for more than a year. They have these journals in your room that you can write your story in to share with the next resident, I read some and they really open your eyes to life. There is a boy around 12 years of age who had his leg amputated just before Christmas due to Cancer. When we came here last I remembered seeing him. I wanted to hug him, and say something inspiring to him (What I have no idea, I just wanted to), but I was afraid if I did that I may end up being kicked out and eating cinnemon rolls for breakfast asking the guards for another orange juice.

I'll give you a quick tour before I call it a night.

This is our room, we have a queen size, sleep by numbers bed (We were told not to be excited about it since it's the cheapest one possible) and a trundle bed. We have our own bathroom, closet, dresser, TV, DVD player, and cleaning supplies.

This is our Kitchen, we share it with everyone on the second floor. There are 6 huge Fridges, and numerous kitchen appliances. At one point I walked in as 5 different families were cooking, and there was still plenty of room. There are at least three of these kitchens, that I am aware of. The nice thing about this is you can buy your own food, cook and eat it. All they ask is to clean up after yourself. I noticed that the Amish staying here clean extra, I have caught them numerous times cleaning different areas. I am not sure if they just like really clean places, think everyone else is filthy, or feel compelled to help more and show it by cleaning. There is also open food for anyone to eat, and a huge Ice Cream bin.

This is one of the 6 play areas that I have found. This is actually a game room, and it is so much fun. I actually sat and played pinball with X for about 20 minutes non-stop. We then jumped on an arcade game, then the playstation 2. There are 3 playstations and a Wii just in this room. Not to mention all the craft stuff you can do, Sarah and the twins made a snowman, and a penguin.

Even the ceiling are cool, the twins kept looking up and finding things like this

Dinner was fun since we all were able to pick our own desserts, and they were free! Dippin Dots for FREE!!! Whenever we visit a new city I am going to try to stay at a RMH just for the free Dippin Dots. This is all of us enjoying dessert, Israel chose to go with a Icee instead.

I had to get a decent post like this in because Sarah was telling me that our site was boring and I needed more pictures. I am sure if she reads this, and looks at the photos she'll tell me to erase it, lets see how long that takes.


  1. Love the new pics! That place looks awesome. I had no idea the Ronald McDonald houses were so nice. We have one here in St. Louis, and I will definitely think twice the next time we have an opportunity to put some money into their collection container at McDonalds. So glad your family can be together and enjoy some fun times while in MN. Praying for you.

  2. Enjoyed the pictures! But I think you can put more on a post. I do.

  3. What a cool place! Glad you guys have a place to relax and decompress as a family while you are there.

  4. I figured out the picture problem and solved it. I had the settings on the Blog to Old. The new settings allow for more pictures.