Monday, January 18, 2010

Random thoughts while waiting for X

Honestly, the Mayo Clinic is simply put, Amazing. I try to be aware of the spiritual realm of things and I feel like the air is filled with healing. I dunno, maybe I am crazy or maybe the lack of sleep has affected my sanity. I started thinking that while I was sitting in the cafe, watching all the people. I watched two Doctors, or Med. students reviewing books, and talking about something medical, waaayy beyond my comprehension. I watched as countless people passed by, some smiling, some with very sad eyes, and others with more of a blank stare. You still had your people who went on their way trying not to make eye contact with people, and those who went out of their way to say hi to everyone.

While I am people watching I still have that feeling of healing, and of hope; maybe I am feeling that way because that is what I need right now, and God is providing, or maybe I am right and that "healing" is in the air. Either way, I think that it is interesting. I have read books, and heard of stories where Angels are posted up in the corners of the room watching people intently as they go about their day. How they are doing Gods will and keeping us safe from evilI can't help wonder if that is happening here, assuming that is fact, not fiction. I actually looked up at the corners trying to imagine them there, I am sure they are laughing at me as I try to "see" them.

Xander is in his test right now, and we met with the Neuro-Psychologist earlier this morning. They asked a lot of questions pertaining to how he does with things, like learning, numbers communication, ect. We did feel some comfort in our decision to opt for surgery, as the Neuro-Psychologist told us that Dr. Wejten has international respect in the Neuro field, and that if his child was ever in need of surgery due to seizures, he would want him to perform the surgery.

We left our twinkies with Travis' mom early this morning, as we left the house X said "I like this house dad, does she have a husband?" I said yeah she does, and everyone who comes here likes this house. We are really lucky to have the Eckersons here, once again I feel like that is just another way that God was preparing us for this time in our lives.

I mean God, being all knowing, knew that it would help us having someone we know here in Rochester, and so he arranged a meeting with the Eckersons and us. That was over 10 years ago and now we are realizing how his will is perfect. OK, I could go on and on, I have a million thoughts in this ginormous head of mine, but I will post more tonight.

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