Saturday, January 23, 2010

Preparing and waiting, I am too impatient for that

As of now we are still trying to figure out the details of our next trip. Who, if anyone can watch the twins (I am super picky on who watches them) until my parents can bring them up to us. If my parents can bring them up to us. We want to be able to totally focus on X, but we realize that we may have to take them up too. We are trying to get all of our bills in order so that none of them are late. Looking for someone to stop by the house daily to make sure it hasn’t been broken into, and makes it look like someone is home. Working things out with insurance, as well as work, and the days off I am going to need. Getting our taxes completed, and figuring out why I am getting these crazy letters from the State. And now most recently, getting over this flu bug we all have. All of this preparing and still waiting does not mix well with me. I am way too impatient.

Our life seems as if it were on fast forward, as of a week ago it was creeping by, now I am looking for the pause button. My sweet wife, who is always a rock we can lean on, is having a really hard time. I am praying for her that she works through this, but I can only imagine what it is like to be a mother.

If you were blessed, like me, to have an incredible Mother, the very word will invoke deep emotions. I associate a mother as someone who is always there, no matter what; someone that will make your pain go away with sweet kisses, or a bowl of ice cream. Someone who will "feel" it with you, and hold you, not saying a word but allow you to feel secure in her arms.

That being said I can only imagine how her heart aches. We talk all the time, and have better communication then we ever have had, but I cannot know how her heart feels. God is the only one who knows. Other mothers who have gone through a similar event can relate, as I am sure every mother "feels" differently, but only God can know. Please pray for Sarah this week that she works through this tough time.

The last thing for tonight was brought to my attention from a good long time friend. He stated that he had realized that he was keeping updated on this site, but had failed to contact us. He shed some light on something that Sarah and I have been talking about, the feeling of loneliness. We get e-mails like crazy, but recently our phones have quieted, and our visitors have all but become extinct. My friend said this may be due in part to the same reason as him, keeping up, and forgetting to call. He knew what was going on and was praying for us, but calling simply slipped his mind. If that is the case with anyone else, feel free to call.

Let me make this very clear, at first we needed our space, now we need our family and friends. This is not a small operation, or even a small event. Now we, having faith in Christ, believe that it will all work out well, but it is very comforting knowing that there is a familiar voice on the other end telling you the same thing. Or as my friend put it, not even talking about Xander and just talking about other things. I am going to tell you we need it, and welcome it. We may not always be able to talk, but I am sure there will be a return call, or another day you can stop by.

We love you all and still feel the prayers of all of you. I will tell you again we can feel when we are being prayed for, and when we are not. I truly believe that you all have created a prayer covering over us that are powerful, healing, and peaceful and helping us keep our sanity. Thank-you -----------The TORRES Family

Xander and his buddy Lil Johnny

Zane, Grandpa, Sarah, Grandma, Nana Judy, Grandpa George and Israel

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