Sunday, March 21, 2010

No news, Good news?

This must be quick, I am sorry, but I have been so busy with the twins and work; still no news on Xander, which means no seizures. So the question arises is no news good news? As far as the Dr.'s are concerned there are two schools of thought on this; the first being that the seizures are laying dormant and X will begin having his usual seizures sometime in the future. The second is better, X's brain was so irratated by the surgery that it seized more than usual, and the surgery went better than expected, meaning we now have some sort of seizure control. They never really talk about #2, mainly about #1, that is a hard pill to swallow, but we go at it day by day.

There is one more possibility, and mind you this is only my personal thought, not a Dr.'s thought. Maybe God wanted to make sure he recieved 100% of the credit for Xander's healing and allowed seizures to occur, even with the last one being a week ago, and now X is healed. I really struggle with this one, but desperately want to believe that it is possible; it is so hard to do because of the fear of feeling let down.

I cannot be long since I am limited on my time, and I am not a very fast at typing I am going to wrap this up. Please pray for Sarah who is going crazy, being there for so long without us; and continue praying for X, the itchies are driving him NUTS! I tried updating on my phone and that was a joke, so all you will get are quick ones until tuesday.

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