Saturday, March 27, 2010

Night terrors

I am not too sure what is going on with Xander right now other than he is having a really hard time. Besides pain that is much worse than the previous surgeries, he gave Sarah quite a scare around 730pm on Friday. He woke up with a night terror and the painkillers he was on were not helping things out. They had to call in some doctors to look at him then rushed him to get a CT Scan. Good news is that the scan showed everything was okay, in regards to his brain; the bad news is I have recieved another text in regards to Xander waking up screaming, eyes open but glazed, then falling back asleep.

Please pray that this stops and he is able to rest and recover. My sweet Xander needs to sleep and I am sure that the quicker he is out of the hospital and back home, the better he will be. We all just want him home and out of that hospital. So pray that the night terrors would quit and that he falls back on schedule so he can leave as soon as possible.

By the way Eddie is doing very well and is out of the hospital, I can't remember if I told you that or not.

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  1. We are bathing Xander in prayer and have been praying constantly today. We pray he will be able to get some restful sleep to allow his body to finish healing. Then to be on your way home as a family.