Friday, March 12, 2010


I am sitting in this room bored out of my mind, I think having to go through this the second time around is more of a pain than the first time. We are still waiting, and waiting sucks; X has been having more Aura’s and is none to happy about that. I am pretty sure he is depressed, I can’t blame him for that; for 2 weeks he had no seizures, and the Aura’s were almost non-existent. Now he knows that we are all waiting for a seizure and today he seems really down, we are trying to lay in bed with him to cheer him up, but he is not really feeling it.

As far as everything else goes he is still bleeding from his head, the doctors say that because he is not totally closed up that will continue. He is still not eating much, I think part of that is due to the IV consistently flowing, they have only recently reduced that. He just started his crying phase and everything requiring a dramatic response, this is the patience part that is hardest for us. The most irritating part of that is it comes and goes so sporadically, it’s hard not to think he is doing it on purpose, but we know he isn’t. The twins are doing well with Auntie Deven and Cousin Wren, I stopped by earlier today and they were calling her mommy, it’s so funny.

The Doctors are all optimistic about the next few days and even the end result, I must admit that I wish that I felt the same way. This time around I just am not feeling it, I am still praying, listening to worship music, and trying to remain optimistic, but it all feels fake. Part of me wonders if I am not trying as hard this time around so I am not so disappointed, maybe I am only halfway believing for the best. Whatever the reason I wish I was more optimistic, part of the way I feel is a bit depressed, almost in anticipation for what I would dread the most, another failed attempt.

No happy post today, I am just not in the mood. I am unable to post pictures on this right now since we are having some difficulty with the battery on the camera, that should change in a day or two. That being said as soon as I get that issue resolved the post that follow should be filled with photos.

I’ll post more later if I get the chance, X is having a really hard time right now, making it next to impossible to continue. On a quick side note, my cousin Edwin and his wife Christa are now parents, their baby girl was born today. I received a picture and she is precious, congrats guys. Another side note No news about Eddie, sorry.

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