Monday, February 8, 2010


In the last 48 hours we have been blessed beyond measure, encouraged to no end, prayed for with fervor, and heard some amazing stories. Xander has come along nicely since his surgery, while he is still on a very strong dose of anti-epileptic medicine, I am cautiously optimistic that he will not fall into that 14%. I have been going through in my head plans of how to handle different scenarios that may take place, if I do not do this, I will not have direction when the time comes. I am holding onto that hope, sometimes I feel like I am more grasping for it. When those times come I am always encouraged by you, our family, whether by blood or not.

Due to how sore he was we couldn't really hold him until yesterday, he said "I want to hold you"

I am, very simply put, amazed; God has been using our sweet child to light a spark in the hearts of men. He has been burning and stirring the heart of his people to move in one accord. Let me clarify something about when I say his people, I mean his people, of all denominations. I grew up going to Four-Square and Assemblies of God churches, and now we have been attending a Christian Non-Denominational Church for almost the last year. I do not believe for one moment, nor could you ever convince me, that only one branch of those many denominations, Protestant or Catholic, are going to heaven. God reaches his people in every single one of them; the e-mails, texts, on-line conversations and phone calls I have received over the last week are proof of that.

I have had numerous people tell me that because of our current situation they have prayed more now than in years, in some cases EVER! I have received encouragement from people that have absolutely no ties to us and some that have some ties to us, but have never met us. I know of Catholics, Lutherans, Methodist, Assemblies of God, Four-Square, Presbyterian, and Non-Denom. that are praying for X; I am sure there are other too. Last night I was told of an absolutely incredible story; I do not want to do it injustice so I hope someone can post/comment on it, but I will tell you the story in a few words. Two people who were praying for Xander met after a pastor prayed for X, they go to the same church, and did not know they were praying for the same boy.
This is after eating a huge Ice Cream Sandwich

A while ago in another post "Divine Preparation" I wrote down what I thought God was telling me, I wrote "So undeserving is the family of Strong Towers, and yet I (God) love them, bless them, and allow them to fall, never abandoning them. I (God) never leave them so the wolves may devour them; I (God) set them high on a hill for all to see." At the time I thought it was more about how God allows us to fall but does not abandon us (much like a Dad/Mom teaching their child to ride a bike). Looking at it now I can see the "set them high on a hill for all to see" part. I can see how X has been the spark God is using to draw himself near to those who he has called. I think that is amazing, our boy at 5 years old is reaching more people by just being himself, and then I did in 4 years in the Ministry. His life speaks for itself.
This was like the 3rd smile we had gotten from him

Now some comment on how great we are and I appreciate that, I really do; but I think most of the people we know would do the same thing. Trust me, Sarah and I feel the same way about you guys. We have had so much help from all of you, family and friends laying aside their lives, whether for a few minutes to pray, or days to help out. If it was not for you we would be in a padded room talking to the tiny monkeys holding the door shut (I have had time to think about this). I am not one that should be thought of as a great person, trust me I get too mad sometimes, I curse at work (working on that), and I say stupid things: I am one of those that God has drawn closer to because of Xander. I am not a great person, I am a man who loves God, I love God and I love my family; If Yoda was real and I met him he would say "Great are you not, blessed you are". I am not a big Star Wars guy, but I just processed that thought in his voice, very weird.

I want to say one more thing that may have been lost or forgotten about since I posted it very briefly in the very first post. There are several reason I started this (read the first post if you want to know), but there was another "Spark" that led me to move. That "Spark" was/is a 10 year old girl named "Hannah" who went through something very similar to our X. Her parents had/have a site much like ours that walked you through their progress; they, much like us love God and serve him, so reading their journey encouraged us and I wanted to follow suit. We have never met that little girl, although I think if she knew I was calling her little I would be corrected, but she will never know how I appreciate her strength and her parents being open. Together Xander and Hannah are being used to touch lives across the Globe, two children not mega star super pastors, I love that. I am not sure of Hannah's current condition, but I ask that all of you say a prayer for her too. I will probably never meet the Turners until we get to the other side, but when I do I am going to hug Hannah first, then her parents.
Another Ice Cream Picture, he sat up with me behind him for almost 2 hours

X had a long night last night, he stayed up till 2; I think he was happy to be able to see. They are trying not to do Oxycodone, only Tylenol; overall he is doing well. I should be able to post again later today on our conversation with the neuro team, his progress, and any other news. As always thank you for your prayers, God is listening.


  1. I'm so proud of that little guy! He looks so much better! And the ice cream sandwich pics are awesome... He looks like a 5 yr old should - messy! So happy to see him smile... We'll keep praying and looking forward to updates. XOXO

  2. (Posted by Mary Evelyn, on Jamie's account) To add detail to the story Dan alludes ro in the above post--

    At church yesterday morning we reached the time in the liturgy for the prayers of the people, a time when specific names and requests are spoken aloud by the assisting minister, pastor, and spontaneously by others in the congregation. Praying for Xander in my heart, I was surprised to hear our pastor speak his name aloud, in a request for healing. I assumed one of my children had put his name in for prayer. No one had. We were all baffled as to how our pastor (in our smallish Lutheran church in Texas!) would have learned about little Xander. I approached our pastor after the service to inquire as to source of the request, and he walked me up to the altar where the request cards were laid out. I learned that another congregant in our church has a daughter who lives across the street from Dan and Sarah, who knows the Torres boys, has been following the blog closely, and praying fervently. I was so amazed at the interconnection of the Body of Christ. You are right, Dan, about His people. They are of all expressions and all are fashioned for His own glory.

    We are so excited to see the progress Xander makes. We have all been changed by your journey. Though we can only imagine your struggle, we certainly feel that God has had His hand on all of us. If you ever doubt His powerful Presence or His unending mercies and compassion, remember that WE are HIS BODY on earth, and WE are the expression of His desire to comfort those who mourn, to strengthen the feeble arms and weak knees (Hebrews 12:2). He is not absent. He is not silent. His arm is not too short to save nor His ear too dull to hear (Isaiah 59:1)

    We will continue to be here to remind you not to lose heart. He is sovereign and He is good, for you and not against you.

    Stand strong in your towers.

    Much love and continued prayers from all the Wallace's in Texas (friends of Deven).

  3. X it is so awesome to see you smile! I see as always your daddy knows that if it has the word sandwich in it... it must be good for you. You are the bravest little boy ever. Have a great day and keep protecting your family from ninjas :)

  4. To the Torres Family: A friend sent me the link to you blog. Our family too, has lived where you are living right now. Not just with seizures, but I can tell you the view out your window was ours too at one time--the same window there at Mayo. Ours was a six year journey.

    Our daughter Christina had more than 100 seizures a day, was autistic and had the right temporal lobe of her brain removed when she was 4 1/2. Today she is 12, seizure-free and fine.

    We are believers just like you and I have you on our prayer list. We will be praying for you and your family and for Xander's complete healing.

    God Bless,

    Paulette George