Thursday, February 25, 2010

More test

Sorry there has been no post lately, I am without a computer and am not to sure when I am getting mine back (It's in for repairs). I just wanted to let you know that there is news, I cannot get into details, as my time is limited, but I can quickly let you know what is going on.

The Neurologist called and they had their meeting today, where X was presented. In a nutshell (Again I do not have a lot of time) they want to do more test on him, since they have the time because the surgeon is gone next week. This test will allow them to make sure of where the seizures are coming from. I cannot remember the type of MRI it is, but if it works, they will be able to make sure the seizures are not coming from his primary motor area.

If they are coming from his primary motor area and not the supplementary motor area surgery would be a no go. Instead we are left with the Vagus Nerve Stimulator. Here is a link so you can understand what it does and is . My personal choice would be surgery because then we should be done with this whole thing (But we all know how that can go), I just want this to be over for him.

I am also stuck with trying to figure out if I am going to continue to really express my feelings on this site; it's a long story I am not going to get into but I may be only posting updates on this. My intention in writing this blog was to keep family and close friends up to date on our situation, afterall I am expressing my true feelings and revealing a lot of who I am in this, I am not too comfortable sharing those raw emotions with the world so I am trying to figure out what I will be doing.

Sarah is alone with the kids, and I am back at work, she is having a hard time since her day is just as packed as ever, and I am forced to go back to work. I know wome may wonder why I am forced, because I do not have unlimited vacation time. Work has been great about this whole thing, incredible really, but I am forced to make the hard choice of going back to work in effort to save some vacation days in case something else goes wrong in the future, because you never know.

So the direction of prayer for us is that X is able to do this test with Sarah, and Sarah does not go insane because of all the kids. I am doing well since I have my neighborhood friends feeding me, I actually miss the organized chaos.


  1. Danny, my family and I are praying for Xander. Please let me know if you guys need anything. If I could give up my sick and vacation for you I would in a heart beat. I met Xander that one LPOA meeting and I was just taken back by how gentle and kind he was. That shows what a great job you and your wife have done on raising him. I look forward everyday reading this blog. Please do not stop showing your gentle side. You have taken us on your journey (bad and good) thru your words. I am a catholic and have not prayed in a long time. I pray now every day for Xander. This is what I call Hell on earth. I'm sorry that Xander and your family have to feel that hell on earth.
    S. Elkins

  2. It's obviously entirely up to you whether or not to keep posting on this blog, but I really want to remind you how many people you have touched through it. You said in an earlier post that so many people are praying now more than they ever have before, and the post above mine now is one excellent example of this. Xander's story has touched the lives of many people. Everyone reading your posts cares about Xander, even if we don't know him personally. You will still have our support if you choose not to share all the details (I don't want to pressure you into keeping posting if you really don't want to!!); we will continue to pray. It's perfectly understandable that you don't want to share your raw emotions with the world, I think that what you have done already is amazing and inspirational. But remember that "the world" (ie those you don't know personally) you will probably never meet, we do not know you personally, only of Xander's journey.
    Your story has clearly inspired so many people and I personally feel that it would be a shame to stop posting, but I completely understand if you don't want to anymore, or feel you can't.
    My prayers are with you all either way. x

  3. Hey, Dan. Just wanted to stay I really appreciate the updates. Even if you choose not to express your reactions and struggles with the updates, I do hope you'll keep us spun up on what's happening so we can continue to pray for you guys.

    Selfishly, I hope you still post the real Dan stuff, because it's so raw and touching, and you're a really good writer. It gives us a peak into your lives, if only for a minute. I find myself often thinking of how you've described your brave warrior throught the day.

    However, I totally understand needing a bit of a barrier between your family and the world. Being that real can be almost as draining as the experience itself, and you certainly have every right to reserve the energy you need for the real battle. Regardless of blog updates, you've got our prayers. We're fighting with you, Torres family.

  4. I already told you how much I love this site, but I completely understand and respect your decision. You should write a journal or something if do decide to not blog. Then quit the cop gig and become a world famous writer! Sound good?

  5. I heard you were reading a book I just finished. Maybe if you got a spare moment we can catch a coffee between shifts or whatever. I will try to call you sometime again this week and see what's up.