Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I am going to post a very long and detailed post tomorrow, it will have everything that has gone down the last two days. Thanks for being patient, and for all of the words of encouragement, advice, and words of knowledge (from your own experiences). I have recieved so much encouragement, and recieved calls from people I would have never thought would call or encourage. That in itself was enough to lift me up, let alone my son progressing so well after a major surgery. I/we have been going on this crazy rollercoaster ride and although we are far from over, it is nice to have this part finished. This last day and a half I have taken the advice of allowing myself to process this, and feel what is going on; as a result I did not do another post (until this one) and I did not Facebook. It felt weird but the extra time alone was what I needed. My phone was burning from the content ringing and texts, but I ignored them all, I just wanted to be alone, if only for a bit.

I am back, and ready to share our continued journey. I do want to say that if it were not for all of you, I am sure that we would not be where we are now, you have helped us so much, and in so many ways. I wish I could post a video here to show you his progress, but that is all for the FB followers I guess. One more thing, to THE WONDER PLACE (X's Preschool), if you read this, I LOVE YOU ALL. I am going to tell everyone how great you are in the next post (I've been wanting to but something has always come up) but do not think for one moment I forgot how great all of you are. I know I am quite when I get my son, but we chose you to teach our son for a reason, and I do not regret it, more now than ever. And if you haven't read X the Spark you should, I think there is a reason I wrote it.  UNTIL TOMORROW

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  1. I am really really praying for clarity for your doctors today. Praying they will solve this mystery once and for all.