Sunday, February 7, 2010

Surgery #2

I just realized that I had not put up a surgery #2 post, so here it is. I am going to explain what happened, and what lies ahead..

Our neurologist Dr. Wirrell, and the rest of the team were able to locate the exact spot of his seizure, the epicenter, if you will. Since that was able to be completed Dr. Wetjen (Neurosurgeon) was able to test this during the surgery, he was actually able to duplicate a seizure by messing with it. I say messing with it because I am not sure how he did it, if I had to assume it would be by sending an electrical signal to it. Dr. Wetjen told us that he was able to remove all of the problem, and almost all of the tremors (if you remember one tiny spot was in the crossover section and they did not want to risk permanete paralaysis. He told us it was a deep section, and as far as the technical side of the surgery goes, he was extremely pleased.

The part of the brain that was removed will fill with cerebal fluid, it's really weird to think about that. I actually thought they would put like a foamy thing in there; good thing I am not a doctor. His scar was ugly, bumpy and very frankenstein like, they said that it should begin to look better and smooth out with time. They told us that it was because of the swelling, and not to worry. He gets his staples taken out in about 2 weeks or a month. The scar goes from his middle forehead, right at the hairline, to the back bump or shelf of the head and then onver to his ear and down his sideburn.

I am already telling him that his scar is awesome, that he now looks like a true ninja. I tell him that because for the last month we have been play fighting, and he always asks me to do my ninja moves. I told him that when we got home he could tell people he saved me from a band of ninja's; he weakly smiled. I say that so if you read this you can tell him how awesome it is, if it is ever brought up. He is so sensitive to how he looks, he loves to dress nice and do his hair, so if he feels like his scar is something to be proud of he will be more confident of that around strangers.

As it stands there have been no more seizure, 20 hours since his last one.He is still doped up, has eyes that are swollen shut, almost no movement on his right side, very slurred speech and a very swollen head. Now imagine all of that and then picture this he has tried sitting up a few times on his own, but this morning before falling asleep, he tried to STAND! He was so ticked off about everything, so upset he couldn't see and be his normal self that he said "Daddy I wanna go home', then started to prop himself up. I thought that he wanted to sit, so I sat him up, he pushed me away, He then proceeded to try and stand up, he was growling in frustration so I held him up, and let him stand. He stood there for about a minute, then we sat him down; he fell asleep about 20 seconds after that.

We are doing a lot better today, I feel a renewed strength, and I can see that in Sarah as well. They are going to be monitoring X very closely for today and tomorrow, he has some blood inbetween his skull and brain, and he has not eaten since Tuesday. The plan for today is eat, rest, work on moving limbs, and sleep.

I don't have anymore pictures, they would all be the same, Xander sleeping, when I get them I will post. Tomorrow I'll let you know what they say about his subdural hematoma and his therapy.


  1. How much longer will you guys be at this hospital, or has that even been determined yet? Will you have to go back there to get the staples removed? I am SO relieved to hear it's been 20 hours and counting since his last seizure. That must be just amazing for you guys. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for X to be confined to his bed, but I'm glad he's able to sleep a lot and you guys are starting to get some rest too. You are a great dad the way you talk ninja with him. God's given you all the special abilities it takes to be the kind of dad X needs. We keep praying for you guys and checking for updates. I'm so glad things are looking up, Torres fam.

  2. Praise God for 20 hours! And that scar is totally awesome! What a tough little cookie. Man, you guys must be so stinking proud of how brave he's been. What a cool kid.

  3. So thankful for 20 hours and counting! That is one tough little guy you have on your hands. He would probably run right out of that hospital if he could. Amazing! Once he gets rested up, there's going to be no stopping him. So proud of him and of both of you. Continuing to pray for all of you.

  4. So happy to hear X is doing so much better! Love the ninja bit... It's so fitting for such a tough little guy!

  5. OH Dan and Sarah - My heart aches for you, having been there. Though you are now blazing a trail with Our LORD by your side that we did not take with our daughter Hannah (with resection not a viable option for her). Still though the similarities are there, the swelling of the eyes, the fight in your extremely strong child, his frustration, the constant vigil of you over your child watching for the slightest aura. But know this, HE is with you, at every step. My eyes are full of tears for you, praying for you without ceasing. We are on the other side of this great chasm and you will be there too. I know it, because of your faith and your strength. "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up as eagles, they shall run an not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31 - a verse I cling to as an adoptive mother of a sweet child with epilepsy who falls daily. She will mount up as an eagle and soar, and so won't Xander. God has plan for these extraordinary child that we cannot imagine in our limited dimension - of this I am certain. Sending heart felt strength and encouragement your way. Jan Turner in Arizona - raised in Mass...

  6. Dan, Sarah and family, we are so proud of Xander and how strong he has been through all of this! We are praying for, and crying with, you guys many times per day. Hannah has a Valentine already for Xander when he gets home. We have been asking folks we speak with for prayers for Xander and you all. You have so many people prayng to God to bring his healing hand to Xander and to give you two strength, courage, and FAITH to hang in there. Our God is an AWESOME God and I know he will stay with you all through this. Dan your postings are helping those following along to see how God has provided for you and all of us through out our lives. He will be, and is, with you there!!!
    Let us know if there is anything we can do from here.

  7. "You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for in Yah, the Lord, is everlasting strength."
    Isaiah 26:3,4