Thursday, February 4, 2010

Seizures.....where are you?

Praying for seizures is odd, it definitely does not feel natural, and there are times when Sarah and I laugh about it. The reality is we really need X to have one now; in order to move on Doctors need to see a few typical seizures, the spikes are not enough. The few spikes that he has had do show a consistent focal area, and that particular area has a very good percentage of being able to be removed; but until they see a few seizures they are not going to risk anything.

Praise God that every time someone new (nurses, techs. ect.) finds out that Dr. Wetjen is our surgeon they boast on his ability as a surgeon. We met with him early this morning (along with 4 others) and Sarah and I talked about how you could just feel his gift of healing. It really is quite amazing how that works; think about someone that you have met and you were like "(Insert Name) is awesome, they are totally an incredible (Whatever), that is his/her calling". I associate that most with a great speaker or pastor, Billy Graham for instance, when I listened to him live in St. Louis it was like that. All of our Dr.'s are walking in their gifts, whether they know it or not, and our X is that much more blessed because of that.

Poor baby just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps

There is not much to report here other than we are just waiting. Patience has become an intricate part of our lives, having to learn all about it (patience) the last few months; I think we would be pulling out our hair had we not walked that one out. Along those lines I feel like I am on an all fruit diet, Holy Spirit fruit, with patience (commonly miscategorized as a virtue) and peace being our main staple. I just read Galatians 5 and I am going to keep what I wrote, but I want to emphasize that Sarah and I, being covered in prayer, are living off all of them.

This is a picture showing the mass of wires coming from his head and recording his electrical activity.

So now we wait, X is not in a ton of pain, but there are times he is in some real discomfort. He has not been crying, but moaning, those long winded, not very loud but strike the core of your heart moans. Again those times are not a constant, but they are there. I have been asked by friends and family how we are doing; the answer is good, all things considering great. Since being here we have had families ask us how we do it, we tell them all about you all, and your support, we talk about God and his faithfulness, but most here can feel and see that with us. Actions speak louder than words, and such has been the case with us.

Nurses and techs. speak freely with us about prayer and faith, I believe that is because the Holy Spirit is covering us, due to all of your prayers, and they have this sense that they can speak freely. They talk to us about how incredible X is, and that he is one of the sweetest boys they have ever met, along with how handsome he is, and how he gets it from his dad. Okay so I threw that last part in, but they do say that he has such a sweet spirit about him.

Grandma watching over Xander

I think it is amazing that we both can be so calm, and filled with peace in this, our most difficult trial ever. It is now 6:30pm and no seizures, we all are hoping that he will have some tonight, and not go 21 days like another patient that was here a few months ago. Grandma and the Twinkies stopped by to visit; X was not too thrilled, but then fell asleep. Tonight before you eat supper or before you lay your head down to sleep please ask God to allow X to have a seizure or 4. Thanks, if we get anymore news I'll let you know.

Little brothers watching big brother. (They both took turns praying for him earlier in the day)

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  1. Okay, Dan, I made it all the way through this post without crying until you added that last picture and the comment about the twins praying for X. That is just precious.

    It feels really weird to pray for seizures, but we will do just that. And we will keep praying that you and Sarah continue experiencing God's peace. What an awesome testimony you are to those who are in contact with you there.