Thursday, February 4, 2010

After Surgery #1

OK, Pictures for the last post are up. I only put a few in since it is already midnight. We have had X back with us since a little after 6pm. He pretty much has been sleeping this whole time, and waking up every time I get up saying in a very weak voice "Daddy". I finally asked him if I could get up around 11:30 so I could eat, he finally said OK and asked for his mommy. I could tell she was relieved when he finally asked for her (the first time all day), a half hour later she is asleep with him, and I am updating.

While we were waiting in the waiting room we met two incredible couples. The first couple’s 6 year old son was having surgery (Just before X) on his brain for a cancerous tumor. They were so strong, Sarah spoke to them more than I did, but I did hear them talking about God. Their son's name is Daniel, if you could say a quick prayer for them. They told us they found out about this lemon size tumor in his brain in October, they have been addressing it with chemo, and now it is the size of a walnut, but in a very compromising location.

The second family we met back in December. They have twin girls that are now 8 weeks old, they were born 7 weeks early. They are back after being home for 3 weeks because of RSV; they are having a really hard time, with not a lot of answers. If you could say a quick prayer for Hope and Hailey as well.

When X came into the room we both tried to keep our composure, he was sleeping, and we both were fighting the tears. When he finally opened his eyes, we both became teary eyed, X smiled at us and tried to get up. I whispered to him "Daddy's here, go back to sleep, you are so brave", he smiled and continued sleeping. The nurses in our rooms were starting to get teary eyed as well, after finishing up the important things they needed to X woke up asked for daddy, they gave me the thumbs up for laying with him.

That is pretty much what we have been doing since then. I will tell you this; Dr. Wetjen met with us after the surgery and said all went well. We were told that he (X) started spiking (Increases in electrical activity) immediately, and he thought that we should be doing the second surgery by Friday if he keeps it up. The EEG Tech. said that they place 93 electrodes on his brain, yeah 93 is not a typo.

He does have a slight fever; we were told that is normal after surgery. X also has to have blood, 1/2 pint, they said he was low but okay; 1/2 pint to him is like one pint to us. Our nurses are incredible, and love on him every time they come in. My new phone was mailed express and I received it today, tomorrow I will have it programmed and running. We are not allowed to take calls in our room, so if you call or text you will have to wait until we are able to step out.

I am sorry if this post is not very informative, there is not too much right now, and I am really tired. All day I had this feeling in my chest like my heart was being slowly ripped in half, it has since gone away, but it killed me knowing that X was going to be forever changed (Physically if nothing else) by days end. Once again thank you all so so much for all your support, prayers and comments. It is an incredible testimony to the love of God, and the faithfulness of our friends who intercede to him on our behalf.


  1. Thanks Dan for the update, it was very informative. We care about every detail you are going through right now. We love you all and continue to pray for you. You are all very brave! Praying for complete healing for Xander, and peace and strength for you and Sarah.

  2. So glad all went well. Continuing to pray for you all.

  3. Wow, you have been incredible in keeping everyone informed with all you have going on. I wish we were closer so that we could help in a physical way but we are right there with you emotionally and most of all spiritually praying you through this. Stay strong.

  4. I'm continuing to pray for you all. Thank you for the updates. ~Christy (Lokie) Roberts