Thursday, August 26, 2010

Update and picture update

We have almost 2 weeks of school under our belt and so far so good. It seems as if X really likes it, from our conversations with him it all seems positive. Bedtime is still an issue for us since all three are still in one room, I was not as big of a fan as Sarah was about this whole thing, so we will see how long this last. It seems like when X is sleepy the Twinkies are not and vise versa, sooner then later we will have to start remodeling the basement.

Time seems to be ever eluding us, if it's not a busy week at work with overtime (aka Festivals), I am helping out with a fundraiser or Sarah has plans that were made in advance that we are tied to. Speaking of Sarah, she is going to compete in a mini triathlon this Saturday. It's scaled down, but nonetheless still a triathlon, I think she should do well considering she has been working out pretty consistently since June.

Xander has not had any episodes as of late, a blessing that I am a bit nervous to announce. It seems as if every time I start to explain to people how well he is doing, we take a step back and he has a seizure. Thanks to X being so sharp we found out his school nurse was only giving him half the amount of medicine that he needed in the afternoon. Sarah was able to call and correct that, an easy mistake for her to make, as I am sure she has a numerous amount of students to tend to. We are blessed to have this public school only a few blocks away, they really are one of the best. I am still torn at wanting to place our kids in a private school, but with the economy the way it is, and Sarah not working (Our choice) it is not feasible.

Here are some more recent pictures of the boys that I said I was going to post. More are sure to come, but as always time keeps on slipping into the future.

Sarah drew a heart on his hand so he could squeeze it if he missed us
First day of School and this picture says it all

It was a family event, the twins asked for him all day

One last Picture before we say goodbye

I needed one too

We showed up an 75 minutes early so the twins played on the playground

This is when he first see we are waiting for him

Mommy gets the first kisses

But I walk away with the prize

Sarah's birthday landed on his first day of school, we went to eat after we picked him up. He is so handsome and you can't see his scar unless you look for it.

This was her cake the Twinkies picked for her since it looked like a rainbow. She turned 21.......again.

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