Monday, August 23, 2010

Keep on Keeping on

As of late, we have been receiving an increase of tele-marking calls; today I turned my frustration into laughter. I am not a professional crank caller nor have I ever done stand up comedy, I do think I am a little funny, and today I practiced. Tele-Marketers beware, calling my house is more fun for me, although I do think that you enjoy it as well. It is posted on my facebook site and hopefully I can have it play on this site as soon as I figure it out.

X starts his 2nd week of school tomorrow, it should be interesting since we had a meltdown on Thursday. The day started out with complaining, the walk to school was filled with much more complaining, and when we finally arrived to school he tried to run away. I had to walk him into school and when I left he proceeded to yell loud enough that I could hear him outside. About 40 minutes later we received a call from the school saying he was still crying, I had to calm him down via phone. The rest of the day was okay, we were reassured from the teachers that a lot of kids break down on Thursday and Friday since the thrill of school is gone and they are mentally worn.

The twins are doing great, crazy as ever and seem to enjoy the 7 hours a day they get alone with us. Earlier this week Sarah watched a program about the Rangers called "Making the Cut", they watched it with her with ever growing interest. Once it was over they were helping boost each other over the couch and telling each other "You can do it!", we definitely have our hands full.

The reason I have not posted in a few days is because I worked OT all weekend, on my days off we worked as well and since it was in the sun all day (94 degrees with what felt like 100% humidity) it drained me. Hopefully within a year I will be working days somewhere. Not seeing the boys all weekend sucked, I miss them and even though I try to explain to them why I am not home, they don't get it, not fully.

Xander has been doing well, no seizures or twitches since we moved his doses around, thank God for that. To be totally honest, every time he has twitches or a seizure I feel like I have failed him. I know it is unrealistic, but it is my perception; one that I try to change, but still nags at me. I don't show or tell him that, I stay strong for him, but it is a struggle, one that I am finding easier, with time, to win. He on the other hand is a rock, refusing to allow anything to bring him down, I love that he can be so strong. We talk about his seizures and try to have as much communication on that topic as possible, we do not want him thinking he is alone in this or that he cannot talk about it.

Things are good now, hopefully one day, by the grace of God, this will all be behind us; if not we will all keep keeping on as a family.

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  1. You have so NOT failed Xander. You guys are doing such an incredible job, you should be so proud.