Friday, September 3, 2010

You gots some esplainin ta do

So let me explain what caused Xander few seizures. On the Saturday after X's first week of school, Sarah gave X his meds. which caused him to question her on the dosage. We were then informed by our 5 year old son that the school nurse had only been giving him half of his afternoon meds. for the past week. At first we were unsure if this could be true, but Xander knows we do not joke about his meds, and he was adamantly defending his statement.

At first we were upset, then glad that he had not suffered from the lack of medicine. Oh wait, yes he was, we had jumped the gun. Totally forgetting that it takes 5 days for his medicine to cycle through, Monday thru Thursday were not fun. On top of his seizures we have to deal with a boy who was forced to take emergency meds, due to his 15 minutes or longer of twitches, but we had raised his dosage again and that always messes with his routine.

That week sucked, I was pissed that the nurse screwed up, even though she had the script, and Sarah had spoken to her. I was pissed X was having seizures, and was an emotional mess due to his meds, and he was upset that he was having seizures. The guy doing my roof was not calling back, and I had this leak in my basement no one knows where it's coming from. Plus my tractor broke down and my best friend Buddy was ran over by a car. Okay the last line's not true, but I felt like my complaining started to feel like a country song. 

So that week has come and gone and this last week has been relatively quiet. Emergency meds only twice that I know of, and the seizure episodes seem to be behind us. Although as I finished typing that last sentence I couldn't help but wonder if I was only jinxing us.

I have this great video of Xander running away from home on my phone that I will try to download sometime next week. He honestly tried to run away, I had to go get him, but in his frustration he told me he wanted a new Daddy. He said "I wanna new Daddy, with long, curly, black hair and not mean like you!" I wanted to laugh, but I remember thinking that my sweet boy is frustrated. I think I know why, although I have yet been able to get it out of him. But my questions have led me to this conclusion. Xander misses his daddy, I only get to see him about an hour a day, if that. School has been draining, and his increase in meds always mess with his emotions until his little body can adjust. I felt bad, we had a short talk in the kitchen before he started to fall asleep (mind you it was only 12 in the afternoon), and I reassured him that I loved him and that one day things were going to change.

Well a few days later, I received a phone call that would bring about that change. I was asked to go B-Shift (Days) and that will start the second week of October. When I told Xander the news, he was grinning like the Cheshire cat, and sheepishly replied "Really!?!" Good new for us, sad news for my newest friendship. As it stands, I work with a partner who I get along really well with. We joke that we are brothers and our families get along well, my Twinkies have a crush on his youngest daughter. It's gonna suck not working with him since we work well together. Hopefully he gets days soon so he can spend more time with his kids too.

This weekend bring with it a big babysitting job called Septemberfest. To the average person it's just another Carnival; to me it means punks looking for fights or even worse looking to shoot someone, like they did 2 or 3 years ago.

There probably won't be any new post over the weekend since I will be busy. Sarah and X are going to the Husker game this Saturday, neither one of them has ever been to one, so that should be interesting. When they get back I'm sure there will be plenty of photos, prepare to throw up from so much red. I am not a Husker fan, so I could care less, but Xander has already been brainwashed by his 4 and 5 year old friends.

Zane with Grandpa George after swimming lessons

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