Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A new Husker Fan

I hate being sick, It's just a head cold, but it sucks. Add to that my allergies that are bad enough I am suppose to be on shots for (Which I quit taking after a month) and you get a miserable me. Besides being sick and having allergies thing have been going well. The twins start pre-school in two days and X is still loving school.

No more news in regards to X, he has been doing well. He went to his first Husker game with Sarah on Saturday and the both of them are now fans. On Sunday all he could talk about was the Huskers, I thought to myself, "Great, another blind fan", I'm not gonna ruin it for him, he can like who he wants. Sarah's conversion was a bit of a surprise, I didn't think she would fall for the Huskers, but I guess the sea of red was too much for her not to accept.

Israel and Zane are talking so much now, it's still a bit comical and surprising to hear them communicate so well. I guess with X gone they feel free to express themselves, the sentences they put together are pretty impressive. The house is so much more calm without X teasing them during the day. Fights between the twins are rare, and that is a good thing for my sanity.

Below are some pictures from the Husker game

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  1. O.K. I work for the man behind the Big Red and still can't make myself a fan. Something deep within just refuses to do it. Looks like they had fun though. There are far worse teams to root for right?