Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gotta love them festivals

I cannot wait until all of these stupid festivals are over, Since the middle of August it has been nothing but babysitting at these things. Normally I wouldn't complain, but lately I have been more easily annoyed at these things. Kids who think they can say whatever they want or don't have to listen to what we say, a whole bunch of "Entitlement" kids and parents who enable. Here's a good example

We caught a kid (21yrs., not really a kid, but ya get what I'm saying), pounding some beers right in front of us. Clearly intoxicated, and somehow unaware or unconcerned with the fact that he had an open container, he took a long drink as he stared at me. I walked over, took the beer away, explained to him that open containers or drinking in the street (Not the beer garden) was illegal. I even kindly asked him to refrain from drinking outside the beer tent, and explained that while I had the ability to kick him out, I was going to allow him to enjoy the festivities. He stumbled off, walking in an entertaining zig zag pattern away from the beer tent. No more than 10 minutes later he is in line to the beer tent, 6 pack in one hand, his other hand on his open bottle as he drank away (again maybe 15 feet from us). Now, I was annoyed, feeling as if my kindness was taken for weakness, I snatched his beer away and kicked him out (giving him another break since I still didn't cite him for open container), he laughed it off and made some reference to not wanting any problems.

A quick tangent, that is one of those ridiculous comments that if you really think about, make no sense. Take this kids statement that he doesn't want any problem, yet he says that after being told what he was doing was illegal, then repeating those very actions less than 10 minutes and 15 feet later. In my opinion, if you really don't want any problems than you go repeating the same thing that would have given you problems in the first place.

Back to the situation at hand; this kid was seen about 2 hours later waiting in line to get back in the beer garden, new clothes, same guy. I immediately recognized him and told him he had to leave, after a few rounds of "I've never met you nor have I been kicked out" and "Yes you have you changed your clothes, get out" he has a line that typifies entitlement. My grandfather is the lieutenant governor of Nebraska, to which I quickly replied, "Yeah that's nice, my grandfather's a preacher, now leave". Defeated, confused and drunk he left.

Parents who bring their kids (Less than a few months old, to festivals so they can have a good time, ignoring the fact that it is 9pm and their tiny baby should be at home sleeping. Some even bring babies out as late as 1am, to hang out at bars, or areas of recent fights/shootings. It's appalling, and very sad, children raising children. Parents that refuse to believe that their children are capable of the crime they are being charged with despite the fact that we showed them video evidence of their child committing the crime. I also find it interesting when parents Make statements that their child would not have done this crime had it not been for their friends. Or instead of having their child confess they ask us to leave and want an attorney; I know it's their constitutional right, but my parents, and most good parents would demand the child to fess up.

That has been my most frequent and typical contact with kids/young adults, so festivals are annoying. I should post how many dumb comments people feel compelled to make to police officers, or how when we don't want to talk we keep it short or walk away and people still feel the need to continue on. I could go on and on, but I have one last festival day to get to in about 2 hours.

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